Unpacking Your Bag

Have you ever gone on a vacation or away for business but overlooked unpacking when you return? We pack to go away but fail to unpack when we return, suggesting that we've never returned. Unpacking is just as important as packing. If you're in turmoil, conflicted, or stressed, more than likely, you have not unpacked some stuff in your life. A lot of us carry around the effects of unpacking from years ago. We've not removed the contents of our suitcase nor let go of our burden. Are you looking for something but can't find it, undoubtedly, it's in the suitcase? The suitcase represents our life. What's in it are things we need to throw away, wash, or put back where they belong- not in the suitcase. Anytime we feel out of sorts, you need to unpack your suitcase of experiences, emotions, and energy that need airing out. Keeping them in a suitcase means that you forget they are there after a while. That's not good. Unpack your suitcase, release your emotions, and express yourself. Stop living with a packed suitcase. Instead, return home to your trueSelf. Give yourself the experience of unpacking, releasing, and letting go-experience aseYoga#whereeverybreathcounts. www.aseyogastudiotearoom.com