Texting Etiquette

Nowadays, texting has become our primary mode of communicating with one another. Americans send and receive an average of 2,819 text messages per month, 94 text messages per day, or 33,834 text messages per year. That's a lot of texting. However, often we text mindlessly, immaturely, recklessly, cruelly without any thought about the receiver of the message. Impulsively, we send our raw emotions, labor pains, oblivious to the harmful effect it may have on the other person. Yet, our hearts and mind respond to any text we receive. For example, a loving message will warm the heart, inspire and relax.

Conversely, negative or malignant messages trigger feelings of stress, fear, anxiety, and metabolic imbalances, i.e., increased blood pressure, headaches, sugar spikes. Prepare to send any text by being aware of the who, what, and why. Notice your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Texting is not a toy, weapon, or therapy. Texting holds the same, if not more, power than talking—so do it consciousnessly by becoming aware of the intentions and emotions behind the message you're sending. Do no harm.

In the words of Buddha, use right mindfulness in texting? Send only messages of positive affirmation.

  • Be respectful.

  • Communicate with love.

  • Be loving. Be a Lover.

Today is National Positive Text Day. Reflect before you send. Send a positive, loving message.

Say, "I love you."

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