Stop Struggling

Most of us would agree, 2020 so far has been rather incorrigible, disruptive, challenging, and chaotic. From the coronavirus to social injustice, protesting, and rioting -something seems out of order. Our ancestors had a name for what is going on: Over 5,000 years ago, they called it Isfet, which means "injustice," "chaos," or "violence," or "to do evil"). Does what is happening now sounds like Isfet? Of course. Where does this chaos come from? Does it just happen? Or are we are creating chaos with our actions. Isfet is a manifestation of our behavior. With Isfet, we breathe erratically, noisy, and activate our fight-flight response.

We're witnessing, and for some participating in Isfetic or destruction, which is believed to be Set's handiwork. In Ancient Kemetic history, Set, the first murderer, is a god who killed and mutilated his brother, Osir. He is also known as a god of war, chaos, deserts, storms, disorder, violence. So why does all this matter? What does it mean? It matters because the chaos, war, and violence will prevail if we don't recognize that we are the source.

No matter how many fancy political, psychological, and social words we use to cloaked this chaotic time, this battle, as it was, it is now, is spiritual. And no matter how justified we feel, we're the ultimate determiners of our lives. How do we want that life to be? In becoming conscious, we realize that the world is just reflecting our collective inner turmoil. It doesn't have anything to do with anyone but ourselves. This chaos that exists within us represents our lower self. And if the battle is spiritual, so must the antidote. Ignoring this truth won't change it; only MAAT will. MAAT, the opposite of Isfet, is the goddess of harmony, justice, and truth. With MAAT, we replace the order with the disorder. We breathe smooth, effortlessly, and activate our relaxation response. Our bodies, mind, and spirit yearn for harmony because, with it, we heal. Àse yoga is a practice that awakens our consciousness for MAAT. Let's embrace the truth-experience Àse Yoga, #whereeverybreathcounts.

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