Spirituality over Cynicism

Some people, when you talk about spirituality, reveal their cynicism. They either belittle it, distrust what is said, or even make jokes about your beliefs. God, spirituality doesn't exist because CNN or the late-night shows verified it. Too much education and television watching create cynicism. We live in a cynical age, believing more in McDonald's than in ourselves, refusing to give thanks for our food, and making a mockery of messages of enlightenment. Our society thrives off cynics because they're easier to control. Yet, by nature, Cynics are unhappy and adhere to a philosophy of negativity. Still, when they're sick or going through hard times, those same people ask you to pray to your God that they don't believe in. So you get on your prayer mat or sit on your cushion and light candles while they're depressed. Little do they know battles we face can not be won with cynicism. The people we often depend on for help can only help because of their secret weapon-spirituality. They possess a belief in a higher power, a realization that the clouds, moon, sun, and stars come from somewhere. When we're gifted with waking up in the morning to plant seeds for food or even getting out of a difficult situation, cynicism is disrespectful. It's not cute. Drop the cynicism, Embrace a spiritual practice-experience Àse Yoga#whereeverybreathcounts.