Rooster Syndrome

Are you a rooster in the coop? That means

even if the cage is open, we don't try to get out. Quiet as it kept, we've been protesting in a cage, protesting in bondage, and protesting predictably. No matter how many new organizations crop up, how many orders are signed, how many politicians say what we want to hear--- we're still in a cage. We've been transformed into modern-day slaves. Nowadays, slavery has moved from the gross to the subtle. We're no longer auctioned in the marketplace, chained at our hands because the chains are on our minds. Years and years of being in the coop, even when doors of opportunity are open, we opt to stay in. Anytime we think and do things that others want us to do and never do what we want to do, we're in bondage. We remain in destructive relationships, stay with people we don't love, spend our time worrying and afraid. We adhere to what is socially sanctioned, select professions we don't like, agree with people we don't agree with, and rely on others to take care of us--- that's a slave. So like the rooster, we stay in the coop. Gurdjieff said: "Man is a prisoner, and he has lived in the prison so long that he has completely forgotten that he is a prisoner." I understand at this moment how hard it is to heal and be free. We're born free, not in bondage. Re-liberate yourself; reclaim your mind. Meditate. Step outside the coop-experience Ase Yoga#whereeverybreathcounts.

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