Ritualize Your Life

What's the first thing you do when you wake-up? Our rituals in life, from the way we start our day, what we eat, how we engage others, and then close out our day, provide some order in our life. We can drastically alter our day, positive or negative, through rituals. Most of us engage in rituals such as brushing our teeth; some even scrap their tongues; every other Saturday, getting our hair done, blessing our food before eating, checking our phones, taking our medication, and going to church. But there are some sacred rituals, including morning prayer, asanas, chanting, lighting a candle, space cleansing, incense burning, and meditating. Rituals are powerful and a part of our life. Except often, we just don't know we're doing it. When we become conscious of what we're doing, that's when our actions become more enhanced. A simple practice in awareness makes what we're doing energy charged. But we need to ask ourselves what are we bringing about with our rituals: positive or negative actions, truth or deception, enlightenment, or ignorance? A powerful ritual in yoga is meditating. Set aside time in the early morning and with a clean body to meditated:

  1. Come to the edge of a cushion. Sit in a comfortable cross-leg position with your knees resting, if possible, below the hips.

  2. Maintain a position with your head, neck, and spine aligned.

  3. Relax your shoulders, and make sure your weight is evenly distributed throughout the body. 

  4. Place your hands in your lap, with your right palm nestled in your left palm like a bowl.

  5. Close your eyes, and focus on your breath.

  6. Breath slowly, smoothly, and deeply for five minutes. Become aware of your inhalation and exhalation. Focus on your breath for five minutes. 

Practice this breathing ritual before you go out into the world or begin other duties in life. Enjoy this respite, which calms the mind, relaxes the nervous system, and activates our life force—experience Àse Yoga #whereeverybreathcounts.

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