Happy Full Moon-May You Heal!

No doubt, we're probably not paying attention to it. Not like we pay attention to holidays, birthdays, the lives of celebrities, sports events, and even politics. Nonetheless, the Full Moon is a force to be respected. Whether we're aware of it or not, the Full Moon affects us. September's Full Moon arrives on Tuesday and will be shining brightly for three days. What's her message to us this month. Heal. When we choose to heal, our lives change; we no longer entertain self-defeating thoughts and immature behavior. Besides, whatever is disturbing us, healing is the answer. September Full Moon is asking us to check-in with ourselves. We might find out that we're holding onto garbage, nonsense, and unresolved emotional stuff as if they were precious gems. The Moon is influencing our emotions.

Interestingly, this Moon is in Pisces, which is the most emotionally charged sign. Pisces is also an empathy sign. Empathy is rare; sympathy is plentiful. Even those that use the word empathy may not know what it is. Empathy is the ability to feel for all beings, children who have lost their lives, people unemployed, homeless, coronavirus affected, first responders, police and fire officers, and the hungry. This full Moon is compelling us to relate with one another through the heart. Not the head. So far, what have you been doing with your life in 2020? How's your heart? Are you holding onto past heartaches? Take advantage of this full Moon by empowering yourself from the heart. Open your heart chakra. To do so, you will need a spiritual navigation system (SNS) to show you the way. Why keep getting lost? Turn on your SNS-experience Àse Yoga #whereeverybreathcounts. Happy Full Moon. Be well-www.aseyogastudiotearoom.com

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