Celebrate The Full Moon 11:32pm/11:29:20


elebrate the partial lunar eclipse, the Full Moon of November 30. We've been celebrating the full Moon for thousands of years. With words like "power," "energy," "wisdom," and "intuition, " and "communing with the divine," the Full Moon appears. When the Earth is located between the Moon and the Sun, and the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned to give us the Full Moon- along with maximum illumination comes a message. A message that the energy is increasing. According to ancient teaching, "As above, so Below." One level of reality also happens on every other level. So we too can achieve illumination.

As the Moon grows full, are we too growing full? What are we feeling? Are you living in fear? Have you given way our power? Perhaps, we are feeling stuck or in a crisis? Something is going on unconsciously, and like malware, it's causing extreme damage to accessing our divine power. This Full Moon is a time to get back on the path. As an illuminating force for the truth and an emotional retooling.-it's an opportunity to declutter the mind of beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve us. Like a computer that never stops working, we deal with a lot of emotional data that needs to be unsaved and put in the trash bin. At Àse yoga, we will celebrate the Light of the Full Moon by meditating on our inner experiences and encouraging change from within to open up our passions and creative energies.-experienced Àse Yoga.



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