Flower Moon

This is one of those extraordinary moments. On May 26, we will experience a full moon, a lunar eclipse, and a supermoon known as a "flower moon." A rarity in the world. When the moon moves into the Earth's shadow, blocking the sun's light, a lunar eclipse occurs. Today's moon energy is all about accepting change and letting go as a part of life. Change for many of us is uncomfortable-downright frightening. Yet, a message from this lunar eclipse is that change is constant. Take a moment to reflect:

Once someone smashed in my car window, I lost my keys, and my bank account registered zero. At the time, I thought it was the worst day of my life. But then I suddenly had this feeling of being tested. If I couldn't handle this, then how would I handle other life's uncertainties? Change is constant. Immediately, I had to break away from thoughts holding me back; and feelings of self-pity and solve the problems.

Has something happened to you that has caused you to panic, become afraid, and disoriented? Are you angry? Depressed? Understand life gives us necessary experiences to put us on the right path. Too often, we ignore it.

Are you doing what you want to do? Are you on the right path? If not, find the courage to let go of any obstacles standing in your way, such as your self-defeating thoughts, emotions, and mindless behaviors. Immediately, "Eclipse" obstacles out of your life; you'll appreciate this after a while.

Unveil past mistakes and failures to find meaning. Have your low self-esteem cause you to stay in unhealthy relationships? Do you need to forgive someone? Pay your bills? Be grateful? Believe in yourself again. Banish self-pity. Purge your emotional clutter. Use your own personal transformation for the greater good of society.

Do a small personal ritual on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, like writing an intention down on paper and burning it, can help us connect with the energies of release and change. Develop a spiritual practice. Whatever is going on in your life, an eclipse on the full moon helps us release and let go and open to a Great Awakening.

Know yourself and that whatever is happening in your life is necessary for your transformation and higher purpose—this an opportunity for a Great Awakening. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. The flower moon is saying: Life is not about others but you. Embrace a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Be mindful, conscious, inspired, and receptive-Àse Yoga celebrates the Flower, Lunar Super Moon.

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