Don't be A Stress Dumpster

Are you a stress dumper? Or are you the dump? Either way, it's not healthy. So what is stress dumping? Stress dumping is taking your crap, worries, issues, sensitivities, problems, and negative emotions and dumping it on someone else. With stress dumping, you're not seeking advice, counsel, or guidance; you're just looking for a dumpster. As a dumpster, you're allowing yourself to become a receptacle for others' complaints, anger, worries, selfishness, unwise choices, and other negative emotions. Essentially, you become a landfill, a system of trash disposal, where the waste is buried between layers of earth. With stress dumping, other people's problems become buried inside of us. What starts as a conversation turns from light to heavy energy. Like trash dumping, which causes contact with rodents, insects, and chemicals, injuries -stress dumping is harmful. Stress dumping is habitual, and situational. We do it unconsciously, and based on how we feel. We take our worries and anxieties and dump them on someone else, leaving them with our stress. So what's the antidote? Mindfulness. Observe your conversation. Is the conversation negative or irrelevant? Are you stress dumping? Let go of your emotional baggage.Feel good about life. Experience joyful relationships. Love yourself. Heal. Learn to Relax and reduce stress-experience Ase Yoga #whereeverybeathcounts

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