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Do you know the difference between pleather or leather? Cubic zirconia or diamond, fake food or real food? Artificial nails or natural nails? Infiniti Q70/Q70L or a Cadillac? MAC or Dell? Doctor or Quack? Teacher or Robot? Organic food or non-organic food?

Powdered eggs or real eggs? Wood and Simulated PlyWood? Home and House? Friend or Foe? Essential Oils or Synthetic fragrances? Medicine or Poison? Fake news and Truth? Information or Knowledge? Do you know the difference between Yoga and Exercise? In the West, with over 6,000, yoga studios' movement is the focus. Poses are synonymous with yoga. It isn't. Yoga is a science, spiritual enlightenment, a discipline, a practice, and a way of life. Depending on our mind, world view, we may see it otherwise, but that doesn't change its essence. Nowadays, we're about changing what we don't like. But as they say, "putting lipsticks on a pig doesn't make it a princess." We're so obsessed with the physicality of Yoga; we're missing out on its tremendous power to heal. Patanjali divided Yoga into eight parts; Kemetic ancestors defined Yoga as a practice to reunite us with our true Selves. Ptahotep from the Fifth Dynasty left us with wisdom writings to guide appropriate behaviors, which may be viewed as Yoga of Wisdom. We are not our bodies; we are not even our minds; we're pure spirits. Unfortunately, we're cheating ourselves out of an opportunity to live a new life, to heal and enlightenment by restricting Yoga to the body. Calming our mind, enhancing our lives, letting go of our worries, fears, and anger, and learning how to breathe are some of the many gifts from Yoga. Knowing the difference will save our lives. Choose authenticity over knock-offs of the highest quality-experience Àse Yoga.

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