Àse, an ancient ancestral phenomenon which is a manifestation of our omnipresence energy. An essential life force; willpower, and divine energy that is present in everything we think, do and feel. Have you ever wanted to do something, but can't seem to make it happen? Over the years, do you keep talking about something you want to do, but lack the energy to do it? Or have you completed a project, but don't know how it happened? It didn't just happen, you know? What is the difference between people who make it happen, and those who perpetually think about it? Àse.


Along with our life goals, many of us are confronted with physical and mental maladies such as high blood pressure, chronic pains, anxiety, depression, stress, underachievement, past experiences, unresolved emotional issues, that make it difficult for us to unlock our full potential. So we acquiesce to simply surviving, and not fully living. Why is that? Because of our unawareness of Àse.







Àse yoga, using energy, understanding, and wisdom compels us to transform and transcend our obstacles to experience life, health, and prosperity.  

---Dr. Alston 

Àse Yoga is not a performance

but a practice.  Our practice changes live because it's not 
mass-produced and mechanical 

but unscripted and personal, flexible, fluid, and flowing.

T.A.P. (Breath)
Feeling Good
Joint-Releasing Movements
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Àse Yoga Difference


Àse Yoga offers movements that are not only relatable but relevant to our mental and physical health. Along with the pawan (wind) mukta (releasing, to liberate), and asanas (pose) series, we place a lot of emphasis on the breath energy along with our major and minor energy centers.


Every practice is calibrated to release from our cells a feeling, a thought, an emotion, a belief that may be harming us. Every practice is designed to balance the mind, spirit, and body. As well, every practice is designed to help us reach our full potential 


Over the years, our research suggests that students seek out yoga not just for movement, but also for peace of mind, for health, for transformation. Experience Àse Yoga.​   Àse, Àse

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