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Full Sanctuary services offering psychological consultation, private therapy, counseling; yoga therapy, group classes & meditation; Tea & Garden classes & Cooking for health & restoration. 

An Offer

There is no mission but instead an offer or even better, a choice. What we think, How we move and What we eat form the foundation of our conditions. Our mental & physical condition support and affect every aspect of our lives (relationships, finances, success). As such, we offer a mindful, comprehensive approach to clearing & balancing our thoughts, resetting & maintaining 

our bodies and balanced behavior & consumption to lower the risk stress, illness & disease. 

A Journey

Our journeys are not the same and it can be easy to 

allow the roads to come at us instead of choosing paths for ourselves. Progress forward can often mean learning to be still. Either through therapy, yoga, tea, gardening or a combination of all of the above. You are invited to make Aśe apart of your journey toward balance. 

About Us

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