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Àse Yoga Wellness Retreats



Retreats are not a luxury, but a necessity. We need to break from our daily routines, texting, news, social media, and unhealthy chatter and association, and a lifestyle that limits us. Often, we don't realize we're stressed until we become physically ill.


Re-treat means to "pull back" for the purpose of self-reflection. So re-treat from the wrong impression, wrong food, and wrong relationships. Connect with the right impressions, the right food, and the right relationships.


Plan to take a break in the sacred space of the Àse Yoga sanctuary, where you can turn your attention inward and focus on what's important. 


Walk along the famous Kelly Drive, Embrace the Full Moon, Perform a Fire Ceremony, Open up your Energy Centers and, above all, Connect with Others who Seek to Rejuvenate, Heal and Transform their Lives.


Our spiritual retreats, which are overnight, are offered year-round, usually in sync with the solstices. Pull back in this quiet, spiritual sanctuary so that life becomes a celebration. Gather a group of your close friends to re-treat. 

Our annual international retreat in 2017 took us to West Africa. Join us for an amazing experience in re-vitalizing, rejuvenation, and restoration of our mind, body, and spirit. Take time to de-stress and rest; take time to activate your relaxation response.




Are you stressing?


DO YOU FREQUENTLY:                                         Yes    No                                         


Neglect eating healthy?                                                                                            

Try to do everything yourself?


Blow up easily?


Seek unrealistic goals?

Act rude?


Make a ‘big deal’ of everything?


Look to other people to make things happen?


Have difficulty making decisions


Avoid people whose ideas are different from

your own?


Keep everything inside?

Have a few supportive relationships?


Get too little rest?


Get angry when you are kept waiting?

Think there is only one right way to do



Fail to build relaxation time into your day?




Spend a lot of time complaining about the past?



The Perfect

Spiritual Retreat

Is Closer than you think..