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New Book Release: Ase Yoga,Where Every Breath Counts

"Àse yoga grew out of my personal experiences and revelations as well as the timeless wisdom from sacred texts such as The Oldest Book in the World, The Wisdom of Ptah-Hotep, the Kybalion, the Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus, The Yoga Sutras, The Book of Coming Forth by Day, Principles of MAAT, the Bhagavad Gita and a multitude of timeless wisdom and teachings. Although numerous schools of thought exist to aid us through various obstacles

In life, what I found is that they often ignore our unique experiences and, in so doing, we fail to heal. Because we either hold on to our obstacles and emotional challenges or suppress them. And some seek the help that sustains the suffering by identifying with the numerous diagnostic labeling within our psychological systems. Unfortunately,

with these responses, unresolved past emotional experiences and regrets continue to control our lives.

Along with the awareness of our unique experiences, Àse Yoga is responsive to another insight. Most "yoga" practices are scripted into this one-size-fits-all routine. Classes are best described by the exercises, the script rather than the student. Students become one of a crowd, a mob rather than a unique individual. Meanwhile, these array of generic poses ignore our inner emotional needs. Even though it's these emotions that cloud our minds and incapacitate us, that render us helpless and inert.

As a psychologist, I've been privy to a wide range of emotions including sadness, grief, anger, self-pity, defensiveness, and disappointment. Countless people have knocked on the doors of Àse Yoga not for Àse Yoga, Where Every Breath Counts movement but stillness, not for theory but a respite from their suffering, not for performance but a "sincere" practice, and not even for culture but consciousness. Yet some students with the most sculptured bodies, laden with tattoos, breathe a sigh of relief at the end of class while expressing feelings of peace. Some students come in to tune in with meditation, gems, aromatherapy to let go of their grief, guilt or other pent up emotions, and not necessarily to assume a scripted pose. Guided meditations attuning them to their emotional strengths followed by a warm cup of tea offers them an experience of

Àse Yoga, the power to make things happen, and transform. Our practice responds to the vast differences in our human experiences. We come to yoga with our bodies but also experiences, emotions, and thoughts that often block our healing, our life force,

our energy, and our flow of Àse. Àse yoga creates a sacred spacetime for growing, relating, allowing, listening, for energy opening, and obstacles resolution to positively respond to experiences that may be hindering us." Namaste


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