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Stop Killing-Start Healing

Every six months, we're advised to get a dental exam. Also, a comprehensive annual

physical, yearly eye examination is recommended as a prevention mechanism. Along with a colonoscopy at least by age 50, mammograms by 45, Pap test by 21 to 29 years old, and every three years after that; prostate checkup by 45, a hearing exam every ten years beginning at 21, heart exam at 20 years old including a stress test are recommended to shore up our physical health and longevity. And yet, something is missing. No annual mental exam is prescribed to make sure we're thinking clearly.

We know that the mind works with the body. The mind is the command center. So why is the mind left out of an annual checkup protocol? How can we ignore the mind? Its the mind that processes the information, draws perception, governs our senses, emotions, and decision-making ability. If you think of your mind as a staff, then where you place them will determine how productive, balanced, and purposeful your life is. Placing your employee in the wrong department decreases productivity, and affects the viability of your company.

No matter how healthy we eat, if we feed our mind wrong impressions---we're going to be mentally and physically sick. More than 90% of people report feeling anxious and stressed by merely watching the news. We check in with the news, our social feed, more than with our loved ones. As well, our conversations are based on borrowed information from a television personality. Our knowledge is not even our own. Greeting each other with deaths and casualties of the day, after a while, we begin running around like a headless chicken. We keep saying the house is falling while being in a state of panic and anxiety. Unfortunately, we don't see the strategic decision-makers coming for our minds. We don't realize that an external force has decided what to put on our plate to eat.

In feeding the mind an hourly, daily dosage of negativity, doom, and gloom, the news, social media, and even conversation become unhealthy—our blood pressure increases, which causes our heart to beat more times a minute. Over time, we suffer from tissue or organ damage releasing cellular deterioration Violence and controversy increase viewership but at the expense of our mental health. All because of what we pay to view and hear on from these negative network. We feel we must know what is happening in the world.

Our daily news dosage is just as bad as eating processed, phony, refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated, high fructose corn syrup, and unnatural fats. From both, you will suffer unnecessary mental and physical death. In subjecting your mind to abundance of negative informative you're killing yourself softly. As humans a whole food diet is optimal for physical health. Similarily, our minds function optimally with the right impression to heal, inspire, and transforms us.

Say no to the constant news cycle. This advice is not about being in denial, but being wise. Stop compromising, appeasing, acquiescing your mind to the fickleness of the news media and social feed. One way to begin is by not volunteering or making an occupation out of reliving and retraumatizing yourself. Protect your command center, your brain. Losing your mind doesn't help you or the cause for freedom, justice, balance, reciprocity. Wisdom teaches us that an imbalance in negativity, frenetic energy, and violence leads to dis-ease. Value your life by not handing your mind over to people whose jobs are to keep you coming back for more negativity. Activate your self-healing abilities by turning off your security blanket, the television, formally known as the idiot box—Transition to a world of positivity and wisdom. Express yourself creatively. Get a six-month or annual mental health checkup. Radically change your life by incorporating a yoga practice into your daily routine—experience Àse Yoga #whereeverybreathcounts.

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