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Reconnect to Spirit

Our intellect is getting us into trouble. The intellect is logical, likes to take things apart. The intellect is also a plagiarizer. It repeats what it hears on television or from someone else. However, intelligence is organic, natural, and transformative. Intellect is not intelligence. Miracles happen every day for us. But in using our intellect, we attribute it to luck or take it for granted. Our intellect makes us believe things happen to other people, not us. So we don't count our blessing. As well, our intellect forbids us from using the word "God," "Allah," "Yahweh" Shiva," "Jehovah," or "Osiris," and many other divine names. Prayer has become passe' because of intellect. Through spiritual practice, our intelligence emerges, and we realize that spirituality is not the same as religion. And if not for divine consciousness, a higher power, our lives would be a complete disaster.

Intelligence teaches us that with all the reckless things 'we've done to ourself-divine energy exist. Also, intelligence teaches us to know and appreciate the sanctity of life. Aside from the coronavirus, most of us have experienced more downs than ups in life. However, over the years, we may have become too smart for our good in not recognizing divine energy steering us to safety. It's an excellent time to reflect on our entire lives, and give thanks to a higher power. Life is a journey toward God-consciousness. Spiritual means to live, to be awaken, to enjoy life.

All great musicians and artists connected on some level with that God-consciousness. Whats is wrong with us that we refuse to realize that it's not us doing anything. According to the Gita: A person in the divine consciousness, although engaged in seeing, hearing, touching smelling, eating, moving about, sleeping and breathing, always knows within himself that he actually does nothing at all. Because while speaking, evacuating, receiving, or opening or closing his eyes, he always knows that only the material senses are engaged with their objects and that he is aloof from them(Bg5.9-9). Perhaps we've gotten distracted by all the materialism, the channels on television, online shopping, and the stuff to buy. And yet, none of that matters because to realize our spiritual purpose is our ultimate purpose. Instead of being distracted, tune inward through meditation. Get in touch with your true Self. The moment you do will be a communion with the Divine; the moment you do spirit emerges.

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