• Dr. Alston

It's easy to be sick, It takes Courage to be Well.

Completing the 8th day of 40 days of resetting our bodies calming our minds and opening to spirits. It's the Art of Feeling Good in practice. Every dis-ease is a sign that we're out of synch or imbalance. Since doctors don't have the time nor inclination to find that imbalance is up to us. Instead of just looking at where you came from, ask youself what are you and your family dying from. The U.S. kidney dialysis industry is worth more than $24.7 billion; 468,000 Americans are on dialysis with African Americans 3.5 times more likely to have kidney failure, strokes are on the rise among younger adults. Is that A1C level hovring over 5.7? Change it. Its personal with over 7 family members dead due to the failure to change. But there is something we can do.

At Ase Yoga, we're approaching health as a way of life. We've enjoyed home-cooked, digestive kichadi with fruits and vegetables, potassium broth, kidney kichadi with aduki beans, saffron-asparagus kichadi to tone our reproductive systems, and next will be the lung kichadi to rid our bodies of toxins. All of these meals are energetically created from the heart and loaded with herbal spices. In additon, we meditate and practice asanas that reduce tension, compression, and stress and invite flexibility, balance, and relaxation. Our breath is the primary conductor for all that we do. So far, the results have been phenomenal. On this journey, we talk about our weak moments when comforted with a stressor, and we want to reach for something crunchy, sweet, and salty, but we don't. Along with weight loss, visceral fat, and body fat, which relates to health problems, have significantly decreased. Blood pressure and fasting glucose have normalized with numbers like 117/83, and fasting glucose of 81. What's you water percentage? Did you know most of are dehydrated? It's easy to do nothing and talk about what's ailing us. And so, it takes courage to take charge and heal what's ailing us. We're experiencing a way of life to shore up our health. Only then can we actualize our human potential-this is the real deal. Experience Àse Yoga#whereeverybreathcounts. Stay tune



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