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Go Deeper, and deeper

In anatomy, we learn there are superficial muscles and deep muscles. Superficial muscles are close to the surface of the skin, such as the gluteus maximus. However, deep muscles lie closer to bone or internal organs, such as the transversus abdominis or abdominal muscles. Usually, when we call ourselves working out to flatten our belly, we're concerned with the superficial muscles, neglecting the deep muscles. So the stomach stays the same. Until we go deeper into our workout, we won't feel stabilize or grounded. The same with life, without going deeper, we survive off of symbolism with no substance. We repeat what we heard on television or from others. Yet, to destroy what we don't like is superficial, not deep. Deep is in understanding the connectivity in what was to what is. Deep is realizing the community effect of not only the body but also our history. Any action short of this understanding is mere foolishness, not profound. Ultimately time will teach us the futility of erasing the unerasable. Understand this -the damage exists. So the challenge is to prevent further damage. In destroying, we increase the likelihood of damage reoccurring. We're acting out from a perspective of damage and not healing. However, time will teach us that the effects of racism and trauma run deep. And so as in anatomy, flexibility, and strength, stabilize our joints; otherwise, we experience dis-ease. In life, authentic progress lies in healing. The mind that created the chaos can not solve it. Only in becoming mindful will be moving forward-anything less is nothing more than recklessness. We continue to court superficial measures rather than deep progress. How do we not repeat our past errors, our destructive response? Through a spiritual reexamination and restoration practice. We need to experience a significant change within ourselves. Now that's radical, revolutionary, and even rebellious. Experience Àse Yoga#whereeverybreathcountswww.aseyogastudiotearoom.com


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