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Change Your choices-Change your Life

We don't lose our rights. We give them away. No matter the situation, whether it's positive or negative, at some moment, we chose to be there. As well, we can choose not to be there. In changing our choices, we realize our human potential: our consciousness or thinking change and life blossom. It's our thinking that governs our choices. When we change, we no longer act dumb, diminish ourselves, or beat ourselves up. Now, others may or may not want to be around us because we're beginning to know our true selves. As well, with consciousness, we live in the present moment. Yoga makes this happens by aligning our mind, body, and spirit with the universe. We often put off our yoga practice because we don't realize the potential within an authentic practice to awaken your consciousness. And yet, with a consistent yoga practice, nothing can stop us from activating our extraordinary human potential. Suddenly, we want to do the most remarkable thing we can do with this life-experience Àse Yoga#whereeverybreathcounts. Learn more: www.aseyogastudiotearoom.com


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