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Beyond The Herd

"In the beginning, there is not much difference between the crowd and the courageous person. The only difference is the crown listens to his fears and follows them, and the courageous person puts them aside and goes ahead. The courageous goes into the

unknown in spite of all the fears."

Osho in Courage: The Joy of Being Dangerous.

The dictionary defines a herd as a large group of animals. They live, feed, or migrate together, and sometimes are led to slaughter. Recently, the word "herd" has been used frequently about people. Over the past week, we've witnessed crowds together walking with signs and chanting. In some instances, violence, and even death has occurred. Despite an active, potentially dangerous virus, large groups risk their lives to convene in the street. This behavior, even in the name of social justice, has turned into what social psychologist calls a herd.

Herd, mob, pack, and even gang are terms give to otherwise law-abiding citizens swayed by others because of emotional, rather than rational reasons to act a certain way. To carry signs espousing vulgarity, to curse and even assault those with a different opinion is done as a herd because everyone else is doing it. Undoubtedly, this herd influence compels us to make decisions that we might not otherwise make. And so, we forfeit our individuality and decision-making for the crowd. 

Meanwhile as a herd participant, we disengage our more than 80 billion neurons in our brain and its 1,000 trillion synapses. Instead, we're allocate our brain energy to conforming to a group ideology, mindset, and behaviors that may even run counter to what we believe. It's believed that when a herd mentality sets in, it tends to signal confusion, conflict, danger, and panic. If we continue down this road, we deactivate our potential, block our 114, energy centers, 72 000 nadis, and minimized ourselves as human beings.

Every crisis, injustice is an opportunity for us to go beyond the herd or mob mentality. What we see as punishing the wrong, may merely be revenge. Because the crowd is unconscious, mechanical, and compromises our consciousness, we confuse words like justice, punishment, and retribution. And, even what we call social activism, maybe social apathy. Educate yourself.

So this is the deal. With over 100,000 people and growing dead from the cornova virus; more than 11 people dead from the recent uprising, with 18 murders within 24 hours just in Chicago alone, we might want to think about life. We only live ten percent of our lives-ignoring ninety percent. Be an activist, and live 100% of your life. It's not what we are outward; it's our inner landscape that determines our way of life. Come out of the mob, the crowd. Don't be smoke and no light. Herding belittles us and prevents us from growing. Appreciate your individualism. Stop herding--start meditating. Be change. Feed the solution-not the problem. Be enlighten-experience Àse Yoga #whereeverybreathcounts

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