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5.21.2022.  - 12-3p


Àse Yoga


Ase Yoga

Healing Retreat

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Protect Yourself

Take care of yourself. The antidote for Covid is Self-care. Give your inner organs a break from the sugar, salt, sweet, and even saturated fat. Instead of the stress response, the practice relaxation response.  


Join us for our quarterly cleanse where we become mindful of the minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that keep our organs healthy. For a week, we will diet on whole foods. Diet means a way of life. Our intention is to: 

  • Stabilize our blood sugar

  • Be healthy

  • Improve immune functions

  • Improve digestion.

  • decrease bad cholesterol

  • Increase energy

  • enjoy our food by chewing properly

  • lose weight

  • Stimulate the  lymphatic system

  • Strip environmental toxins out of the tissues.


Take 3

Meditation is an ignored practice in the Western world. We gravitate towards the latest diet, purchase the most current technology, and listen to the new wave life coach trending at the moment. We do all of these things in the hopes of fixing ourselves or obtaining success. For many people, meditation is like vegetables; they don't like them even though we need them. So they don't eat them to their own detriment. If we don't meditate-we live half-a life. 


Meditation is for the mind what food is for the body. Although we might not eat the right foods, we eat. But what about the mind. How do we ensure or cultivate a healthy mind? How do we stop our disturbing thoughts and emotionally cluttered way of living? How do we become conscious, mindful, and even enlighten?


Learn to meditate@ Ase Yoga Studio.


Life Saver

Relax. Easier said than done. But a  practice we must all learn. When we don't relax we're like a car that keeps idling. It never stops. Relaxing doesn't mean sitting in front of the television, or drinking a glass of wine. Ask yourself, how do you relax? 

Do you use drugs? Listen to music? Eat? What do you do? Whatever you do, if it's not activating the parasympathetic nervous system-you're not relaxing. 

You're doing something, but not relaxing. Our parasympathetic nervous system is also known as the rest and digest system relaxes us. When that's activated this is what happens inside: 

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Improved Digestion

  • Increased Blood Flow to the Body's Major Muscles

  • Improved Mood and Concentration

  • Better Sleep Quality

  • Less Fatigue

Relax at Ase  Yoga, #whereeverybreathcount

Life, Health, Prosperity

      Where Every Breath Counts

Àse means the power to do. This powerful energy is within us, as well as outside of us. Reclaim your power.


Activating Àse energy is a path or a way to fulfill our purpose, to heal, and to become balanced.


Energy is everything. And so, at Àse Yoga, we access our primary and minor energy centers. We connect with our core energy centers to activate our life force. In doing so, we experience clarity of mind, healthier bodies, and an opening to spirit. 

​Àset  Tea Room

Enjoy the finest organic, fair trade teas within a vegetarian tea room. Our teas are specially selected and our nondairy, vegetarian sandwiches will excite your taste buds and heal your body. 


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Event Space


Enjoy our intimate, beautiful space for baby showers, bridal parties, birthday parties, yoga gatherings, 

gratitude parties, retreats, best friends gathering...

 Àse Retreat

Tea Time

Art of Feeling Good 


Àse Yoga, Where Every Breath Counts


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"I feel a lot more relaxed and flexible than I did when I first began yoga with this studio. I really couldn’t ask for a better experience. I wish I could give more than five stars! N.H

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