"Our experiences must be remembered, respected,  and understood because they are crucial to our healing. We must neither forget nor be ashamed. We must begin to feel the love, the energy, and the power that ultimately heal us."              -Dr. Alston



Dr. Alston is the founder of Ase Yoga, where every breath counts, an energetic practice for healing. She is a healer, psychologist, yogini, educator, and author. She earned a B. A degree in psychology from La Salle University, a Masters in Education, and a Ph.D. from Temple University in psychology. 

From the moment of her conception, healing became her mission. Healing from physical wounds, but also psychological. She attributes her healing to understanding the meaning of her birth experiences. Without understanding, she believes we go through life as victims and engage in behaviors counterproductive to our wellness. Thus, with a host of spiritual teachers and self-study, she gained insights that would transform her.

Unlike many spiritual teachers, sages and gurus come from intact families, wealth, and the comforts of life. Nothing was comfortable about her life. She wasn't someone looking from the outside in; she was inside with poverty, homelessness, the lack of amenities, and chronic hardships. At 18, she majored in psychology, and while she enjoyed it, a lingering feeling stayed with her that it was about treatment, not healing. Psychology had turned into a field of testing, labeling, and course, medication. Years later, she studied yoga and realized that yoga was the true psychology.

Yoga is a lifestyle, not a posture. As a practice, Dr. Alston's spiritual strengths were illuminated, and her suffering transformed. She realized that her perception of life's unfairness was, in many ways, a misunderstanding. And so, armed with the proper understanding, she saw her life as a spiritual phenomenon and her experiences as a calling, an awakening to help others achieve life, prosperity, and health.

Through her study of the ancient text, energy, and yoga, she realized that people came to yoga to heal, let go, and alleviate chronic stress. Incorporating wisdom, breathing exercises, specific asanas, meditation, and relating, she discovered Ase Yoga and saw how it helps relieve and prevent mindbody discomfort and helps you find peace and purpose.

 Ase Yoga,
The Power to do
Our ancestors have given us the Master Keys, the Seed Truth to transform our lives. It is said "If we remain the way we are, we can not come to the truth.Yoga is the science of  transformation.


You Are Ase!


What a jewel! Yoga as it should be presented. Alston helps us to see that yoga is not a pose but a process of remembering and centering in who we are fundamentally. She presents the art of healing through Ase Yoga by intertwining her life journey and sharing bits of the experiences of her students. It is an excellent read that helps to move yoga from the restricted studio life to its fullness in every aspect of everyday life!


I didn't want people to feel intimidated by what they see in yoga journals or yoga magazines. Your body is very generous. The more you practice, the body gives." 

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