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Fancy Tea Set


Aset Tea Room

Tea Time

Our Tea

A  Journey of Self-Discovery

As a child, I was given an 
empty tea cup. However, that cup was not empty to me.It held possibilities. It also mark the beginnings of my love affair with the plant, call Camellia sinensis-also known as tea. Over the years, the empty became full, the invisible became visible, and the limited became unlimited.

Even in my humble station in life, I, too could enjoyed the richness of tea. First, with my imagination, and later with my senses. Tea became a life long friend, a comforter, an inspiration, and a part of my healing.

With tea, the impossible became possible. And so, tea has been a reminder of possibilities in life.  Aset Tea Room is borne out of mindset of living our possibilities, no matter, our station in life. So enjoy a perfect cup of tea at the Aset Tea Room and sip the possibilities. 


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