A spiritual warrior, who is familiar with obstacles, chaos, and challenges, but also healing triumph, and transformation. 

Know yourself

Be Yourself

Love Yourself 

From the moment of her conception, healing became her mission. Healing from not only the many uncertainties of life but also cancer. She attributes her healing to understanding the deeper meaning in her birth experiences. Also, this understanding came from spiritual practice. 

Dr. Alston is a healer, psychologist, yogini,

educator, and author. She earned a B.A degree in psychology from La Salle University and a Masters in Education and a Ph.D. from

Temple University in psychology. 

She has been featured in Essence magazine,

on the radio, and in the newspaper. Lecturing

and teaching spanning over twenty decades,

she is the author of two books,

"The Art of Feeling Good, The Power of Àse Yoga,   and Àse Yoga, Where Every Breath Counts.

For Dr. Alston, her spiritual strengths illuminated, her suffering transformed into understanding and a strong sense of purpose. She then came to realize that her perception of life's unfairness was in many ways a misunderstanding. And so, armed with the right understanding, she saw her life as a spiritual phenomenon and her experiences, as a calling, an awakening.

"I had neglected myself! This retreat was right on time. It gave me time to connect with myself. Thank you so much Dr. Alston for inspiring the Spirit of Sankofa....You are truly a blessing to us all."

"I feel a lot more relaxed and flexible than I did when I first began yoga with this studio. I really couldn’t ask for a better experience."

Her awakening connected her to this energy known as Àse, which is not simply about bending and twisting into countless poses. On the contrary, the focus is on psychological and spiritual wellness. Only then can we bring clarity to our lives, feel true joy in our hearts, choose wisely in our relationships and occupations, and activate our life energies to actualize our intentions.


Dr. Alston founded the beautiful Àse Yoga Studio and Tea Room to provide a healing sanctuary for all people. So often people feel left out of yoga for reasons such as physical agility, chronic illnesses, disabilities, and what they see on television and magazines. They feel self-conscious because of a misperception that yoga consists of merely poses. As well, she realizes in our fast-paced society, our success-addictive culture, busy lifestyles, and even unresolved emotional challenges, we're often distracted from taking care of ourselves.   

"From healing my exercise-related lower back & joint problems to quieting my monkey mind, and even saving my relationships with my family,  Dr. Alston has substantially improved the quality of my life.


She doesn’t just mindlessly launch us straight into a vinyasa flow, or throw us into extreme poses like so many of these mainstream yoga studios do, which initially turned me off from yoga since I was not a very flexible man.


Thank you, Dr. Alston, I’m very blessed to have found Àse Yoga."

Have you ever felt stuck? Wanted more out of life? Afraid? Angry? Are you in a battle with yourself? Are you suffering from chronic illness? Or suffering from aches and pains? Do you look back at your life, and smile? Do you have a decision to make, and don't know what to do? Are you procrastinating? Or have you given up? How do we begin to fulfill our destiny, our life purpose, and activate our full potential?


Experience Ase yoga, a practice that heals the body, calms the mind, and awakens the spirit. At Àse Yoga, we transform our obstacles into opportunities; imbalance into balance, and our suffering into understanding. In understanding, we transcend and transform; we activate our life force. In relaxing, we calm our nervous system, reduce our anxiety, and feel at peace.

On this journey, where every breath counts, it's not about how strong we are, how flexible we are, how balanced we are, it's about seeking purpose, embracing health, and claiming your inheritance for happiness. 


Go for it ” Experience Ase Yoga.



Dr. Alston is also certified as an E-RYT in yoga instruction, aromatherapy, and yoga nidra.

                      List of Participants

  • United Bank 

  • WURD Radio

  • LOC Conference

  • ABPsi

  • Sisters for Empowerment

  • Pennsylvania State Senate-7th Senatorial District

  • The Friends of Laura Sims Skatehouse in Cobbs Creek

  • NCBS

  • Global Leadership Charter School

  • Harambee Charter School

  • The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania

  • SCOP Expo

  • Asian-American Business Association

  • Women and Wealth Lecture: Keynote Speaker

  • University of Penn

  • American College

  • Links, Inc

  • Diop Conference: Keynote Speaker

  • National Coalition of 100 Black Women

  • Philadelphia Free Library


Matter is Light...Energy is Light...We are all Light Beings...

​Àse Yoga Studio & Tea Room

                        Where Every Breath Counts