Where Every Breath Counts

Have you ever felt stuck? Wanted more out of life? Afraid? Angry? Are you in a battle with yourself? Are you suffering from chronic illness? Or don't feel well? Do you look back at your life, and smile? Do you have a decision to make, and don't know what to do? Are you procrastinating? Or have you given up? Are you fulfilling your destiny, your life purpose?


Experience Àse yoga, a practice of that heals the body, calms the mind, and soothes the spirit. At Àse Yoga, we transform our obstacles into opportunities; and our suffering into understanding. We relax, transcend, and transform. We activate our life-force.


On this journey, where every breath counts, it's not about how strong we are, how flexible we are, how balanced we are, it's about how joyful, healthy and peaceful we are. Go for it — experience Ase Yoga.






Dr. Alston founded the beautiful Àse Yoga Studio and Tea Room to provide a healing sanctuary for all people. She emphasizes “ for all” because many people feel left out of yoga for reasons such as physical agility, chronic illnesses, disabilities , self-consciousness, and a misperception that yoga consists of simply poses. In addition, she realizes our fast-paced society, our success-addictive culture and busy lifestyles  distracts us from taking care of ourselves. 


As her spiritual strengths illuminated, her suffering transformed into understanding and a strong sense of purpose. She then came to realize that her perception of being abandoned was in many ways a misunderstanding. Gradually, armed with  right understanding, she saw her life as a spiritual phenomenon and her experiences as an awakening. 


Her awakening connected her to this energy known as Àse, which is not simply about bending and twisting into countless poses. On the contrary, the focus is on psychological and spiritual wellness. Only then can we bring clarity to our lives, feel true joy in our hearts, choose wisely in our relationships and occupations, and activate our life energies to actualize our intentions.


Partial List of Participants

  • United Bank 

  • WURD Radio

  • LOC Conference

  • ABPsi

  • Sisters for Empowerment

  • Pennsylvania State Senate-7th Senatorial District

  • The Friends of Laura Sims Skatehouse in Cobbs Creek

  • NCBS

  • Global Leadership Charter School

  • Harambee Charter School

  • The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania

  • SCOP Expo

  • Asian-American Business Assoication

  • Women and Wealth Lecture: Keynote Speaker

  • University of Penn

  • American College

  • Links, Inc

  • Diop

  • Conference: Keynote Speaker

  • National Coaliton of 100 Black Women

Matter is Light...Energy is Light...We are all Light Beings...


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