"I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against"
Malcolm X.

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More and more people are meditating, but still not enough. According to the CDC, meditation has increased from 4.1% to 14%. This is a 200% increase in meditation. 


Make the time to retreat from the world.

Close your eyes, and become comfortable. Either cross your legs or extend them out.

Focus on your inhalation and exhalation for two to three minutes. 

If your mind wanders, that all right. Just bring it back under your control. 

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Take 3

Along  with the Corvid-19, flu season is quickly approaching. Why be sick, if you don't have to.

Start now, preparing your body and mind to survive flu, as well as virus. We forget that people die from the flu. Reportedly at least 36,000 people die  each year from the influenzas.

Some people will get their flu shots, but many will

not. All of us however need to adopt these remedies to counteract the flu and virus season:

-Exercise  regularly

-Sleep well

-Drink tea

-Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
 (4 to 5 cups daily).

-Reduce your stress response system

-Wash your hands for 20 seconds regularly

-Use your own pen

-Consume at least 1,000-3,000mg of Vitamin C.

Lets stay healthy. Be mindful. 

Life Saver

What are you practicing? Happiness or Sadness; Health or Sickness, Peace or Violence? 

A practice  is to follow or observe habitually : to practice one's religion. to exercise or pursue as a profession, art, or occupation: to perform or do repeatedly in order to acquire skill or proficiency: 

We may be  doing  things habitually in our life that  is not supporting our path. We may developing proficiencies in useless areas. And so, we may be saying we want but practicing something different. 

Acquire the skill of mindfulness, of being aware. Become conscious of your daily activities. Understand that you may need to change your practice from one of mindlessness to mindfulness. 

Yoga teaches us the art of being presence. A yoga practice is a spiritual journey in               self-knowledge. 

Practice quieting your mind.

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Reclaiming your Power



Feel your inner light


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Àse Yoga

Ase Yoga

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​Àse Experience

Dr. Alston's  Wisdom
She says "Turn every obstacle into opportunity."
Ase Bowl
Enjoy our organic, nutritious, whole grain bowls created with love and infused with energy.
Know the joy of commitment; the beauty of dedication. Commitment brings energy.
Where Every Breath Counts
Extend your arms overhead, parallel to each other, while lifting your chest fully.
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      Where Every Breath Counts

Àse stands for the power to do. This powerful energy is within us, as well as outside of us. Reclaim your power.


Activating Àse energy is way, a lifestyle in fulfilling our purpose, healing, and becoming balanced.


Energy is everything. And so, at Àse Yoga, we become aware of the of our primary and minor energy centers. We connect with our core energy centers to activate our life force. In doing so, we experience clarity of mind, healthier bodies and an opening to spirit. 

​Àset  Tea Room

Enjoy the finest organic, fair trade teas within a vegetarian tea room. Our teas are specially selected and our nondairy, vegetarian sandwiches will excite your taste buds and heal your body. 


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Event Space


Enjoy our intimate, beautiful space for baby showers, bridal parties, birthday parties, yoga gatherings, 

gratitude parties, retreats, best friends gathering...


   Pure energy. 


"So Be It"

"So It is"

"May It Be So"

"The Power To do"

"It Is So Right Now"

"It Definitely Should Be So"

"I give you Power"

"It will be done"


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Àse Yoga, Where Every Breath Counts

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